ASP.NET Boilerplate Solution: Pellerex is Beyond!

High Level Capabilities

  • Identity an end-to-end and ready to use claim-based identity system suitable for micro-services architecture
  • Payment integrated with Stripe and our Identity system, it provides one-time and recurring payment functions for your software
  • Messaging covers asynchronous and realtime messaging for use cases like Event Driven Architecture and Chat using Kafka and SignalR
  • Development Kits a package of three scaffolds with all the necessary cloud-native configurations to build Web, Mobile and API apps.


  • User Interface: Reactjs to build single-page applications, and React-native to build cross-platform mobile apps
  • API: Asp.NET 5 to build flexible back-end micro-services
  • DevOps: Azure DevOps has been used to create full build and deployment automation
  • Infrastructure: Azure is the primary cloud provider leveraging K8s and/or Azure APP/API services

Feature Set

What is it NOT?

How does it work?





Software Engineer at

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Mahdi Karimipour

Mahdi Karimipour

Software Engineer at

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