Comprehensive Asp.NET API Setup

In setting up Asp.NET Core Web API, you would need to cover below topics, which are probably needed in majority of applications. You need Versioning to support breaking changes in your APIs, Configuration to support different environments and avoid hard coding values in your code, Secrets to securely store credentials in safe places and not as plaintext, Database so you can store and retrieve dynamic parts of your application, Swagger to enable documentation for your API consumers, OpenAPI specifications and API gateways, CORS to enable receiving specific requests from certain domains, and Validation to protect your routes against invalid requests.

Through the below topics, we will cover each segment in detail. I have broken down these topics to smaller posts, as covering them all in one page might be too much text.

  1. API Route Versioning
  2. Configuration Management
  3. Secret Management
  4. Monitoring
  5. Database
  6. Documentation
  7. CORS
  8. Request Validation
  9. Global Exception Handling
  10. URL Rewriting
  11. Deploy .NET API to Azure App Service

Pellerex Foundation: For Your Next Enterprise Software

How are you building your current software today? Build everything from scratch or use a foundation to save on development time, budget and resources? For an enterprise software MVP, which might take 8–12 months with a small team, you might indeed spend 6 months on your foundation. Things like Identity, Payment, Infrastructure, DevOps, etc. they all take time, while contributing not much to your actual product. These features are needed, but they are not your differentiators.

Pellerex does just that. It provides a foundation that save you a lot development time and effort at a fraction of the cost. It gives you source-included Identity, Payment, Infrastructure, and DevOps to build Web, Api and Mobile apps all-integrated and ready-to-go on day 1.

Check out Pellerex and talk to our team today to start building your next enterprise software fast.




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Mahdi Karimipour

Mahdi Karimipour

Software Engineer at

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