Authentication and Authorization for React and Asp.NET API


Majority of web applications with provide service for their users need to authenticate them. I have chosen some of the very popular pattens, platforms and libraries to create a foundation for your authentication and authorisation. As the topic cover a lot of areas, it would be a very large blog post if covered just in one post. Hence I have broken it down to smaller posts dedicated to individual topics, but if you follow all of them, at the end you create a complete authentication, and authorisation experience for your users.

As it is a large topic, I will be writing on each topic as I go, but I wanted to have a complete list of topics here as an index.

  1. Asp.Net Core Web Api Setup
  2. React Single Page App Setup
  3. Asp.NET Identity DB Setup
  4. Email Sender
  5. Sign Up & Activation
  6. Check User Authentication Status
  7. Change Password
  8. Sign In
  9. Policy Based Access Management
  10. Token Refresh
  11. Google Authentication with React and Asp.NET API
  12. Microsoft Authentication with React and Asp.NET API
  13. Twitter Authentication with React and Asp.NET API

Pellerex Foundation: For Your Next Enterprise Software

How are you building your current software today? Build everything from scratch or use a foundation to save on development time, budget and resources? For an enterprise software MVP, which might take 8–12 months with a small team, you might indeed spend 6 months on your foundation. Things like Identity, Payment, Infrastructure, DevOps, etc. they all take time, while contributing not much to your actual product. These features are needed, but they are not your differentiators.

Pellerex does just that. It provides a foundation that save you a lot development time and effort at a fraction of the cost. It gives you source-included Identity, Payment, Infrastructure, and DevOps to build Web, Api and Mobile apps all-integrated and ready-to-go on day 1.

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Mahdi Karimipour

Mahdi Karimipour

Software Engineer at

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